15 Yearbook Quotes That Are as Memorable as They Can Get

Keeping it real.

Most young adults are pretty excited about graduation. This lady, on the other hand, has just had an epiphany. What’s amusing about it is that her quote is a definitive reflection of most graduates’ thoughts. That’s all you get for all the hard work, when you think about it. While this girl is left thinking about the past, the next girl has some pretty interesting plans for the future.

It’s that time of the year again, when young people are off to embark on their respective personal journeys in making it big in the real world. The graduation caps are thrown into the air as a celebration of freedom at last from all the studying. To commemorate such a moment, we decided to look for the most memorable yearbook quotes we can find.

When you treat your yearbook like Instagram…

Yes, we admire your natural beauty. Yes, we understand that there was minimal editing involved in your yearbook photo. No, we aren’t confusing your yearbook for a social media app. Get real, miss. Speaking of real, there’s never been a quote more genuine than the one in the next slide.