15 Yearbook Quotes That Are as Memorable as They Can Get

Because pancakes rule.

Everybody loves pancakes. However, none any more than this guy, we bet. Did we mention we love pancakes too? Like, OMG, pancakes! Pancakes are beautiful. Not as beautiful as the girl in the next picture. You almost don’t even have to read her ridiculous quote.

The farmer that wasn’t…

We can only imagine the torture he had to go through in high school. His friends may have sung the old nursery rhyme with him around. Of course, it’s high time he settled the matter, and in his final high school photo too. Talk about setting the record straight, huh? We’re just happy he managed to make it through for so long. You know who’s also worried about how you spend your time? Netflix. Check out the girl in the next photo to see a little something about her interactions with Netflix.