Expectations weren’t met.

If you’re a pop culture baby, you’d expect everything to be like the movies. Sadly, that isn’t the case. We’re just sorry she realized it too late. Oh well, there’s always college, right? Speaking of pop culture references, the next guy has an uncanny resemblance to the person he’s quoting.

Sad times for this young guy…

We all encounter memorable lines shared to us by those we love the most, right? What if you had to deal with something like this, though? Memorable for sure, but is it really worthy of a yearbook quote? Be prepared to experience the feels every time you turn to this page then. While this guy looks a little ashamed, this next guy has no problem flaunting his personal information in the next photo.

Frozone is the bomb

This guy’s been watching too much of the Incredibles on Blu-Ray, we reckon. However, we won’t judge. Everybody’s got their own heroes, and it’s great to see someone’s geeky side shine through. Even when it’s in a yearbook quote. At least this guy likes the hero he identifies with. The next guy seems to have to do a lot of exasperated explaining because of his name.