10 Commons Vegas Mistakes (even by veterans)

Packing the warm clothes (the girl in the next pic knew what to do).

Whatever happens in Vegas, is probably a mistake. Specially when it’s your first time. LOL. But hey, these things actually really happen! So either you’ve experienced them, or are planning to in the future, we’re sure this article will relieve you, seeing that other people experienced it too, or will brace you for what is to come!

There’s no telling how bad the weather can get. You just might have to be a bit more loose fitting with your wardrobe to avoid looking drenched the very moment you stepped out of your hotel room. However, women tend to disagree. The shorter and skimpier the better… but I only think that’s a ploy to get into more clubs and day parties ;-). We’re on to you, ladies. Better safe than sorry anyway, right? Vegas is hot, hot, hot! Speaking of hot, check out the next hottie we have in store for you.

Accepting calling cards. Stuff your wallet with these, because the guy in the next slide will be trying to steal it.


Packing your best heels only to be walking barefoot the entire time. Probably a good idea considering the next mistake you'll make.

Gambling your wallet away for casino games you've only seen in the movies so you don't actually know how to play them. Not as bad as gambling it away like the guy in the next slide.


Losing any concept of time inside the casinos. The next mistake is kind of worth making, though.