2015's Top 27 Clearest Waters

Aitutaki in Cook Islands

This place looks like something that came out of a movie.  Perhaps it was the inspiration for the Brooke Shields starrer, "The Blue Lagoon?"  Without a doubt, this is the most gorgeous Polynesian lagoon on the planet!

Culebra Island in Puerto Rico

It is also referred to as Isla Chiquita and Última Virgen.  The names are derived from the fact that the beach is at the end of the Virgin islands chain.  Nonetheless, if Paradise was worth searching for the ends of the earth, then by golly you've found it.

Lake Tahoe in Nevada

Lake Tahoe is considered to be the largest alpine lake in North America.  If you've ever been there, you can attest to such a fact.  Knowing that it is surrounded by breathtaking views of mountains just makes all the more of a satisfying experience.

To Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa

Here's an interesting bit of trivia for you guys: To Sua means "giant swimming hole" in Samoan. It's 30 meters deep and only accessible via a long ladder to the pool. It'll take some courage to climb down that ladder but t the end of the day, it's all totally worth it!

Hanauma Bay, Oahu in Hawaii

A beautiful beach and clear water are what you'll be getting when visiting here.  However, do be aware, Hanauma is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Oahu.  That means you might have to deal with huge crowds of people around, so you won't have the place entirely to yourself.

Rio Azul – Argentina

Rio Azul offers some of the most gorgeous scenery you'll ever get to see anywhere in the world. You can look forward to numerous sights which will draw your attention and fascination.  Notable points of interest include the river and canyon and insanely clear blue water!