2015's Top 27 Clearest Waters

Bodrum in Turkey

Is that boat floating? Nope, the water is just that clear. Bodrum Peninsula is located in the Southwestern Aegean area of the country of Turkey. In addition to its beautiful waters, Bodrum Castle, built by the Knights Hospitaller, overlooks the harbor.

Cayos Cochinos in Honduras

National Geographic writes, "The waters are a... dream: protected by the government, off-limits to commercial divers and fishermen and busy with creatures that may not yet have names."  When you put it like that, you know you just got to check it out.  Who knows, you just might discover a whole new species.

Corfu in Greece

Swim across beautiful waters anytime you wish when visiting Corfu.  Since you're in the Mediterranean, you'll be treated to some great sun all year round. Of course, there's also the delicious Greek food to look forward to!

Jenny Lake in Wyoming

Located in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, Jenny Park has tons of adventures to offer.  You can choose among the various hiking trails, boat rides, and major climbing routes.  Speaking of the latter, journey into rocky terrains, eventually making your way to the tallest peaks of the Tetons.

Primosten in Croatia

One of the most beautiful beaches in Eastern Europe, Primostein is essentially heaven on a body of water.  The waters are so clear and clean that you just can't help but want to dive into them.  Go sailing on a boat to appreciate the majestic scenery around you.

Calanque de Sormiou in France

If it's beautiful water that you're looking for, you've got Calanque de Sormiou to give you your fix.  With rocky cliffs overlooking the entire body of water to add a rather uplifting dimension to it, you'll be well on your way to some swimming or cruising on yachts.  It's also famous for its great rock-climbing!