25 Celebrities Who are Self Professed Bisexuals

Get Ready to be Shocked! (Or maybe not)

Celebrities in Hollywood certainly live the good life of luxury. They get to do whatever they want and spend as much money on things they wish to buy. They’re also living the high roller lifestyle. A lot of us would kill to be in their shoes right about now. However, we also get to be intrigued by their personal lives, with one aspect of it being their sexual preferences. There have been celebrities who were rumored to be gay for a long time, yet nothing has come out of all those talks. Others, though, have been quite open about it and are all too willing to discuss their gender preferences for the public to learn about. These are some of those celebrities.

Clive Davis

Clive Davis is hailed as a true legend in modern music. He has produced some of the best songs and albums by some really big names for a very long time. He recently came out of the closet through his autobiography and admitted to being bisexual.