Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin won awards and acclaim from critics at such a young age. As she grew older, her sexpot cred rose to an all-time high, thanks to a starring sting in HBO’s “True Blood”. She then went on to come out of the closet and admit that she was bisexual during a 2010 True Colors Fund event.


Snooki certainly caught the world’s attention after starring in MTV’s Jersey Shore. Despite having her fair share of followers and haters, she continues on being herself. She also continues to state that she’s bisexual, although she has a bigger preference for male privates.

Mary Lynn Rajskub

Actor-comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub mostly had small roles in several films. It wasn’t until starring in the famous TV series 24 that she truly got her big break. She also admits to crushing hard on Megan Fox, and has admitted to being a bi woman.

Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood is one Hollywood actress we can’t keep our eyes off of. She’s beautiful and also quite smart. She is also a self-professed bisexual woman. She even gets to sense the bi radar off of people like Miley Cyrus.

Michael Chabon

Michael Chabon rose to fame for his novels “The Wonder Boys” and “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh”. In both books, he explores themes of bisexuality. He bases all of that off his experiences of having slept with a man to whom he was attracted.


Sapphire is the author responsible for the highly acclaimed “Push.” Her book was later adapted into an award-winning film called “Precious”. Sapphire also tackles themes of bisexuality in some of her other works, namely because she, too, is openly bi.