Michael Chabon

Michael Chabon rose to fame for his novels “The Wonder Boys” and “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh”. In both books, he explores themes of bisexuality. He bases all of that off his experiences of having slept with a man to whom he was attracted.


Sapphire is the author responsible for the highly acclaimed “Push.” Her book was later adapted into an award-winning film called “Precious”. Sapphire also tackles themes of bisexuality in some of her other works, namely because she, too, is openly bi.

Tallulah Bankhead

Tallulah Bankhead was known as one of the greatest actresses of her time. She has acquired a reputation as a big screen legend during the early days of Hollywood. She was also quite the innovator in terms of relationships, being “ambisextrous” and engaging in affairs with men and women alike.

Raúl Esparza

Raúl Esparza has been setting the Broadway scene on fire as of late. From his looks, you wouldn’t expect him to be a bisexual guy, as he admitted in prior interviews. However, he has been married since 1993 to a woman.

Billy Joe Armstrong

Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong admitted to being bisexual. It certainly wasn’t expected by a number of his fans. However, it doesn’t make him any less of a future hall of famer in the rock music scene.

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando is considered to be among the greatest actors ever. Yet, according to many posthumous autobiographies, he had a pretty adventurous sex life which wasn’t brought to the public’s attention. It was said that he enjoyed his homosexual experiences during his younger years while also being attracted to women.