25 Photobombs at its Finest

There are just some folks who can’t help but be drawn to a camera about to take a shot.  Heck, they just walk into frame even when they’re not required or asked to be part of the shot.  The next thing you know, they’re already there in the picture.  This is what we would call photobombing.  Truth be told, it has become something pretty popular these days that both people and animals have actually gotten in on the act. Below are just some of the best photobombs that we’ve seen to date.

Looking at the photo above, when it’s Christmas time, everyone in the family comes together to enjoy each other’s company. It’s the season of giving and loving after all. However, even dogs aren’t exempt from showing affection, including in this manner.

This little lady’s clearly enjoying her time with the animals. The giraffes aren’t one to shy away from showing their enjoyment either. Probably a bit too much for any young eyes to handle, but…