Here, kitty kitty, come out and play. That’s what she was probably thinking when looking down her bikini. She just didn’t actually notice the lion creeping up behind her.

It’s rare to see a famous publication go with the flow of things. For the most part, professional photographers would like to have everything controlled and properly set. Then again, it’s a photobomber, you might as well roll with it.

It’s high time that this lady got a job as a professional model. She’s definitely got the look and the swagger to pull it off. We’d also like to pull her away from any nearby dogs looking to have sex.

  Boy, would we love to be stuck in a deserted island with these ladies. We’d probably set up our personal harem. We’d gladly do without the old dude, though.

These ladies are clearly having way too much fun. So much fun, as a matter of fact, that they blatantly ignore their friend in the bathroom with her underwear down. Well, at least we got our fair share of skin.

Just when you thought you’d have a great day at the beach, this happens. Hey, we don’t blame the manta ray. The sun, after all, does feel nice