Oh wow, this is quite a sight. It’s a good thing that the dog in the back found a partner of the same species. We’d hate to think what he would’ve done to this young lady in the foreground.

Celebrities get a lot of attention from the media, especially highly respected women like Angelina Jolie. Hence, it only makes perfect sense for fellow celebrities to hog the spotlight too. Way to go in making fun of the situation, Jack and Dustin

This young lady’s not going to want to remember her prom night. Not after seeing this photo, she won’t. Thanks to her dad, she’ll be scarred for life.

This lovely couple probably had a great night out. What’s the perfect way to ruin an evening photo? Having a clown walk into frame and creeping us out to hell and back, that’s what.

Here, kitty kitty, come out and play. That’s what she was probably thinking when looking down her bikini. She just didn’t actually notice the lion creeping up behind her.

It’s rare to see a famous publication go with the flow of things. For the most part, professional photographers would like to have everything controlled and properly set. Then again, it’s a photobomber, you might as well roll with it.