Talk about a switch.

It looks somebody had burger buns and hotdog buns confused. This is just facepalm worthy, so to speak. It’s not rocket science, you know. It’s all too obvious to figure out which one’s which.

More than a drip, we’d say.

We’re pretty sure the faucet’s supposed to be closed. However, it looks like somebody had a shortcoming in the design of this. Unfortunately for the person who bought this and had it installed, it’s going to be more utility payments per month. Good job being such a failure.

He must’ve been French.

We don’t know how anyone in the area would just let this slip by. It’s supposed to be “FIRE”, okay? Was it too much to have it corrected? Whoever made this should’ve been “FIRED” by now, so we don’t think it’d be a problem to fix anymore.

Cucumbers eh?

We’ve never seen any red cucumbers at all. We most likely never will, unless someone dipped them in red food coloring. However, this is just way too far from the real thing to ever be called such. Those are baby tomatoes, right? Right.

It's Airthday!

Airthday? Nope, doesn’t sound right.

Well, that’s refreshing…

It looks like somebody had the ice cream cone upside down when this was made. Just when you were looking forward to biting down the chocolate coating, you witness this. Good thing that the ice cream still maintained its shape. Guys, you had one job to do. How hard could it be?