The one mistake in grammar a lot of people make…

We just hope you didn’t give this to your English teacher. Otherwise, she would be bowing her head in shame. It’s supposed to be “You’re”, not “your.” We fail to understand why anybody would still get that wrong up to now.

How do you expect to make those work?

The architect must have been having a really bad day to overlook this flaw. It’s either their fault or the construction workers. What’s the point of having a balcony that you can’t even walk into or out of? What, do you expect us to float all the way there or something?

How inconvenient.

What, you couldn’t settle for an ordinary door knob? You just had to pick this one? Good luck trying to close the door then. We’re pretty sure some thieves and crooks would be all too willing to try out the rest of your home security.

Dude… It’s not that hard to make.

It must have been rush hour during this day. We can understand if people were actually lining up in bunches to get their fill of tacos. That’s why the cheese and lettuce are actually outside the taco shell. We’ll forgive you.

Talk about a switch.

It looks somebody had burger buns and hotdog buns confused. This is just facepalm worthy, so to speak. It’s not rocket science, you know. It’s all too obvious to figure out which one’s which.

More than a drip, we’d say.

We’re pretty sure the faucet’s supposed to be closed. However, it looks like somebody had a shortcoming in the design of this. Unfortunately for the person who bought this and had it installed, it’s going to be more utility payments per month. Good job being such a failure.