Papaphobia- fear of the Pope

Would it be weird to say that people who have this are atheist?

Venustraphobia or caligynephobia - fear of beautiful women (or people in general)

Not a lot of people have this so there isn’t really a lot of reason as to why they should have this fear. Maybe a date gone wrong? Who knows?

Phobophobia – the fear of phobias

In popular internet slang, this would be called “Phobiaception”! To be honest, I don’t get it myself but the gist is that you are scared of being scared. This is a legitimate problem and affects less than one percent of the population. It maybe a small number, but to people who are actually sufferers of this, they tend to do things that doesn’t cause them to panic.

Optophobia – the fear of opening one’s eyes

There are many reasons for a person to have this kind of phobia. A person who come from abusive households and was always instructed to “close their eyes to keep the monsters away” is one of the more popular reasons. Other people might’ve witnessed something terrible and would rather keep their eyes shut, that way they could keep from seeing it again. Or ever.

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia- Fear of the number 666

We all know that some people have a fear of the number 13, but did you know that some people are scared of the number 666? It’s mostly because of its association with the Devil, other people refer this number as the “number of the beast”.