Channing Tatum (Stripper)

Now let’s get away from all the dead related works and focus on this one, did you know that Channing Tatum started off his working career as a stripper? It’s not exactly a secret since this was the inspiration for his 2012, Magic Mike.

Matthew Mcconaughey (Chicken Coop Cleaner)

During his stint as an exchange student in Australia, he didn’t have money so he had to work a bit just so he can have some extra cash. Thankfully this was just a temporary gig!

Brad Pitt (Chicken Mascot)

This is something Brad Pitt doesn’t seem to talk a lot about, and sometimes that’s the best because there is that saying that goes: “Better to put the past in the past”.

Whoopi Goldberg (Funeral Beautician)

Apparently Miss Whoopi Goldberg was a beautician, seems normal at first but then you realized she worked at a funeral home. But really, what is up with celebrities

Gene Simmons (Elementary School Teacher)

This one blew Whoopi’s former occupation out of the waters! Can you imagine this guy? One of the leaders in fabulous rock music teaching little kids their basic lessons. A lot of his former students are all very happy to have him teach them their basic education.