Top 15 Best of the Worst Tattoos Discovered

Hypocrite.  Oh well, let's keep visiting the rest of the site!

You should have counted the letters first or better yet counted your fingers first. In that way, there are no missing letters in whatever you want to tell right there. The artist used a cute font though, but it doesn't change a thing. It's still a tattoo gone wrong and readers will be left hanging finding the letter "D" AHEA...

Even your dog would be so ashamed of you. Oh well, let's keep visiting the rest of the site!

Even a five year old can draw this kind of crap. If you love your pet dog that much, at least you could have hired a more experienced tattoo artist. Seriously, you have paid for this to be tattooed on your arm? I'm having a hard time identifying  which part of your brain decided to do so and why. Speaking of dogs, this next tattoo sounds like something a dog would say if it could speak.