Top 15 Best of the Worst Tattoos Discovered

Try putting those up once you’ve broken up and found other people to date and marry. Oh well, let's keep visiting the rest of the site!

 Oh, please stop getting that "happily ever after" tattoos people. That does not exist in the real world. Reality will tell you that a relationship will only end up in heartaches and break-ups and tears and tissue papers and you renting and watching Bridget Jones. Snap out of it and don't be a fool over love. Some people have to learn this the hard way. Just check out how the guy in the next slide fixed his mistake.

You know what else is power? Proper spelling. Oh well, let's keep visiting the rest of the site!

Oh yes, every toddler misspells knowledge all the time. But, for Pete's sake, not  you! You're a grown up and you should know what's wrong or right, what's crazy or not, and what's the right spelling of KNOWLEDGE. Your spelling teacher would be very disappointed once she sees this. No apple for you, dunce kid! You should have planned ahead! Or, according to the next slide, plan ahea.....