Even your dog would be so ashamed of you. Oh well, let's keep visiting the rest of the site!

Even a five year old can draw this kind of crap. If you love your pet dog that much, at least you could have hired a more experienced tattoo artist. Seriously, you have paid for this to be tattooed on your arm? I'm having a hard time identifying  which part of your brain decided to do so and why. Speaking of dogs, this next tattoo sounds like something a dog would say if it could speak.

A great way to show support for your country’s leader… Not. Oh well, let's keep visiting the rest of the site!

This is a very strategic political campaign, don't you think? It's bold, clear and PERMANENT. You are definitely guaranteed to have an office in the White House. Wondering what your job is? You'll be the official campaign manager who turns her back in every campaign. You'll eventually have the most famous back recorded in the Book of Secrets of the presidents of the United States of America. At least, your back contributed something in the history of our leaders. People, this is where patriotism takes us! This tattoo is on display for everyone to see. The next one can only be deciphered in a certain specific situation.

Napoleon Dynamite stopped being cool many years ago. Oh well, let's keep visiting the rest of the site!

Whoever get this tat did not get over Napoleon Dynamite as quick as you did. It's his favorite movie of all time and quite frankly he doesn't care of what others think. Maybe because he can relate to the story of being an outcast kid during high school. The real question is why is there a Chap Stick with Napoleon? Well, you can never judge the artistry of other people. Nor can you judge the choice of tattoo, especially compared to the one in the next picture.