Not the best band to reference for a tattoo, we’d say…Oh well, let's keep visiting the rest of the site!

Oh well, there are times when a man loves too much, he cannot understand that what he did was preposterous. he surely loves Nickelback to imprint the name of the band on his flesh. The band should even be honored that he referenced them in his tattoo. But, Nickelback would be confused after seeing this. Nickelback has changed this guy's life entirely and this is just a token of his gratitude. Nickelback basically defines him. But not as much as this next tattoo defines its owner.

Come back to us in a thousand years when you finally become a ladies’ man and show us these tattoos.

Well, he has a point right there. How can he make the b*tch happy if he will not earn money for her? To think about it, I think this guy has a lot of sense but tattooing this motto just throws away all of his senses in the trash. If you finally become a lady's man, well, make sure she doesn't sees this or you'll regret having that motto tattooed on your back. When it comes to women, never give up. Or, as the guy in the next one might say, never don't give up.