He may be getting dunked, but he already dunked our hearts

Excuse our French but this is majestic as @$!#!

We're hoping he gets the goal!

Ah, the collective ovaries of all those in the room have exploded

We are absolute that Blink 182 was singing about this girl specifically in their song, Rock Show

It all started with this guy and what followed after was a torrent of memes that just went on and on and on. Seriously, in just one night Zeddie Little became a meme and he even was offered a job that raised big bucks. That one photo of his even created a new word- it’s all over the net by the way. After that one incident, ridiculously photogenic people began appearing out of nowhere and stealing everyone’s thunder. Sometimes they even appear in the last places you’d think of…

Are we seeing the next Zed Little?