The Top 25 Kick-Ass Female Movie Characters

Agent Dana Scully

 While technically a TV show character, Agent Dana Scully has made the jump into movies, with two big screen outings of the X-Files. Her character was one that a lot of women looked up to. She was capable of handling herself in situations which required brawn. At the same time, she was also quite the smart woman who came up with various theories and hunches that helped in solving cases.

Abigail Whistler

 In the abysmal “Blade 3”, we were introduced to Abigail Whistler. Jessica Biel portrayed the daughter of Blade’s mentor, Whistler, who died early in the third movie. She proved to be very skillful with a bow and arrow. She also enjoys listening to neurofunk, trip hop and all sorts of acid-infused electronic music while kicking ass.