The Top 25 Kick-Ass Female Movie Characters

For several years, movies were mainly dominated by men with do-gooder sensibilities, oozing machismo and a ruggedness that qualifies them as badass. Not very many movie studios were willing to put strong female characters into the mix. That is, until recently, with female empowerment being on the rise. Of course, since we’re talking about women here, it would only be appropriate to actually come up with a list of the best and strongest characters in movies that were all female.

Emily Chalton

 While she may not be kickass in the most literal sense, man did she possess a whole lot of attitude. That dismissive wave of hers, coupled with the most judging glares, certainly made for great entertainment in the highly acclaimed “The Devil Wears Prada.” Emily blunt played this role to icy cold perfection and a superiority complex that was untouchable. She certainly became one of the most memorable characters in the film, despite being a third-tier one.


This was perhaps the role that turned Carrie-Ann Moss into a household name. Ever since having been introduced in the first “Matrix” movie, a lot of men and women alike grew to admire her. She could use those guns like a boss, and pull off out-of-this-world martial arts moves & flips that had everyone in the theaters wowed. Yes, we also consider the coolness factor of her leather suit.

Elektra Natchios

While this role had a more definitive take in the Netflix series “Daredevil”, we can’t deny that Jennifer Garner wowed us first with her portrayal. Certain liberties were taken to fit the film version’s plot, but man did she kick ass. She was definitely a strong heroine who could put any man’s fighting skills to shame. Plus, she knew how to use those sais effectively.

Sidney Prescott

 While Sidney may have been chased around by murderous lunatics, she managed to stay alive for the course of several films. Having started out in the Scream movie series as an innocent virgin fearful for her life, her experience has saved her countless times. In fact, she just may be the most human out of all the female characters on this list. Besides, she looks good grimacing with a gun in her hand as retaliation for all the suffering she’s had to go through.


 If you’re a vampire who’s got martial arts skills, you’re bound to be on the badass list. Ask Wesley Snipes’ Blade. However, in the case of Selene, she is the ass kicking heroine of the Underworld movie franchise, killing off deadly werewolves and vampires alike with such ferocity and skill. It also helps that she looks damn good in that leather suit.

Sarah Connor