The Top 25 Kick-Ass Female Movie Characters

For several years, movies were mainly dominated by men with do-gooder sensibilities, oozing machismo and a ruggedness that qualifies them as badass. Not very many movie studios were willing to put strong female characters into the mix. That is, until recently, with female empowerment being on the rise. Of course, since we’re talking about women here, it would only be appropriate to actually come up with a list of the best and strongest characters in movies that were all female.

Princess Leia Organa

Carrie Fisher’s breakout role as Princess Leia certainly paved the way for strong female characters in movies. Despite having been kidnapped by Darth Vader, getting her love interest frozen in carbonite and turned into a slave princess for Jabba the Hutt, she more than held her own. Not only did she prove effective as a kickass heroine, but also a skilled tactician in combat.

Ellen Ripley

While the first Alien movie had Ellen Ripley being a more vulnerable heroine, it wasn’t until James Cameron’s sequel “Aliens” that everybody saw what a true badass she was. She was able to use a Power Loader mech suit to battle the Alien Queen, fired off several rounds of ammunition to destroy facehugger eggs as well as burn those xenomorphs to oblivion. How could you not be taken by such a strong heroine?

Agent Dana Scully

 While technically a TV show character, Agent Dana Scully has made the jump into movies, with two big screen outings of the X-Files. Her character was one that a lot of women looked up to. She was capable of handling herself in situations which required brawn. At the same time, she was also quite the smart woman who came up with various theories and hunches that helped in solving cases.

Abigail Whistler

 In the abysmal “Blade 3”, we were introduced to Abigail Whistler. Jessica Biel portrayed the daughter of Blade’s mentor, Whistler, who died early in the third movie. She proved to be very skillful with a bow and arrow. She also enjoys listening to neurofunk, trip hop and all sorts of acid-infused electronic music while kicking ass.

Xenia Onatopp

It’s tough to ignore Xenia here. While she is technically a Bond villain, she showed that she could be a deadly adversary for the famed spy. She was quite seductive, and also knew how to use those killer legs of hers. We meant that literally, by the way, considering that she was just squeeze-happy.


Milla Jovovich portrayed this role brilliantly. In the avant-garde science fiction classic “The Fifth Element”, she is an alien who is slowly adapting to society. At the same time, she’s got some kickass martial arts skills. She’s also quite amusing, as proven by her timeless quote, “Multi pass.”