The Top 25 Kick-Ass Female Movie Characters

For several years, movies were mainly dominated by men with do-gooder sensibilities, oozing machismo and a ruggedness that qualifies them as badass. Not very many movie studios were willing to put strong female characters into the mix. That is, until recently, with female empowerment being on the rise. Of course, since we’re talking about women here, it would only be appropriate to actually come up with a list of the best and strongest characters in movies that were all female.

Sidney Prescott

 While Sidney may have been chased around by murderous lunatics, she managed to stay alive for the course of several films. Having started out in the Scream movie series as an innocent virgin fearful for her life, her experience has saved her countless times. In fact, she just may be the most human out of all the female characters on this list. Besides, she looks good grimacing with a gun in her hand as retaliation for all the suffering she’s had to go through.


 If you’re a vampire who’s got martial arts skills, you’re bound to be on the badass list. Ask Wesley Snipes’ Blade. However, in the case of Selene, she is the ass kicking heroine of the Underworld movie franchise, killing off deadly werewolves and vampires alike with such ferocity and skill. It also helps that she looks damn good in that leather suit.

Sarah Connor


The Bride

Many of Quentin Tarantino’s films featured pretty strong lead female characters. However, none have come close to the badassery of the Bride in the Kill Bill movies. Uma Thurman learned how to use a sword for this role, and her portrayal certainly did Tarantino’s script justice. The entire movie is also filled with hardcore female asskickers, yet she was the main protagonist with a grudge to settle.


While “Sucker Punch” wasn’t exactly a hit, it did have some memorable characters. Take the case of the lead, Babydoll, for instance. If she’s not dealing with real world problems, she goes off daydreaming her way into such bombastic adventures involving giant samurais, dragons, robots and trench battles. Seriously, she’s got one heck of an imagination for dealing with her inner demons.

Black Widow

First appearing in “Iron Man 2”, Black Widow would later on become an important member in the Avengers. She was sultry and seductive, and also highly skilled at combat. Her shady history also makes her a rather mysterious character. Nonetheless, we thought Scarlet Johansson played the role to perfection, as well as looked the part.