Black Widow

First appearing in “Iron Man 2”, Black Widow would later on become an important member in the Avengers. She was sultry and seductive, and also highly skilled at combat. Her shady history also makes her a rather mysterious character. Nonetheless, we thought Scarlet Johansson played the role to perfection, as well as looked the part.

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss, the protagonist in the “Hunger Games” series of books, was brought to life by Jennifer Lawrence in the movie adaptations. Her characterization was one of equal parts vulnerability and strength. She was kind hearted, willing to help people who needed it. At the same time, she knew how to survive amidst rather scary scenarios and become an effective killer if needed.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman

For several years, movies were mainly dominated by men with do-gooder sensibilities, oozing machismo and a ruggedness that qualifies them as badass. Not very many movie studios were willing to put strong female characters into the mix. That is, until recently, with female empowerment being on the rise. Of course, since we’re talking about women here, it would only be appropriate to actually come up with a list of the best and strongest characters in movies that were all female


In Quentin Tarantino’s alternate history movie, “Inglorious Bastards”, you had a character like Shoshana. When not surrounded by oozing machismo from rebels looking to overthrow Hitler’s regime, she is off planning the most intricate ways to exact revenge. Her story is one that seems pretty common in many movies. However, it was the execution of Melanie Laurent that really gave her more than enough dimension to become a highly memorable female lead.

Nancy Thompson

Nancy Thompson is practically the prototypical horror movie lead. She gets chased around by some supernatural force quite a lot, especially in her dreams. Yet, this “Nightmare on Elm Street” heroine finds very resourceful ways to defeat Freddy Kruger. Besides, if you’re the first person ever to have defeated the dream demon, you know you’re badass in your own right.

While a lot of critics had a lot of mixed feelings about the grimness of “Batman Returns”, they all applauded Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance as Catwoman. A lot of women surely have portrayed this role in various forms of media. Yet, it was her turn that solidified the comic book character’s status as badass. Her portrayal would end up becoming the standard for all femme fatales in the comic book world to come.