What Female Snapchats Really Mean

Oh we noticed, don’t worry.

Snapchat is literally Instagram’s closest competition, and for very good reason.  You can send photos and videos to your friends, lasting only 10 seconds each and eventually disappearing off the face of the Earth.  Always good if you’re not truly happy with how you looked, right?   However, much like most social media apps of this sort, there’s a kind of humble bragging that takes place.  Of course, a lot of girls actually take this to a whole other level, and you’d be hard pressed to figure out what they really mean… Until now.

Yes, you’re beautiful on Snapchat. You’re hanging out with the buddies without anyone of the opposite sex around. You’re essentially giving away your status to us. We’d also be all too willing to take up that opportunity.

Well, that explains it.

You send us a snap like this, we’d be worried that you didn’t get enough rest. On the other hand, you just had way too much of it. Thanks for acting up our concern and affection for you. You know you got us wrapped around in your fingers.