Subtlety at its finest.

If this isn’t a good strategy, we don’t know what is. It’s a great way for ladies to cancel dates at the last minute if they’re not feeling the dude they’re going out with. Of course, being women, guys have to be all gentlemanly and understand that. Ladies = 1, men = 0.

Ah, here we go again with the health-centric snaps.

Sure, we’d like to see you maintain your fitness. Come on, let’s be serious, though. You’re not as hard working as you think you are. You’re just doing it in short bursts instead of full-on dedication to exercising. You’re human, aren’t you? It’s okay to be lazy, just don’t put up a front.

Definitely strong.

Sure, you could go ahead and look good while posting a photo of this sort. You may say you’re not at your best, but come on… That’s not the first thing we noticed. You clearly know that, and are all too willing to play it up even more for us to drool over.

Oh yes you are.

With all the filtering effects on social media photo apps these days, it’s kind of hard to figure out what you really look like in person. However, this chick got the right idea. Yeah, she knows she looks good. She isn’t ashamed of it. We’re only here to bask in her beauty.

Well, isn’t that appropriate?

Everybody loves dogs. Yet, that isn’t the point of you posting this photo. You’re just out to let everyone know that you are cute. That’s because you’ve got a cute puppy in your arms, which only adds to your adorability.

Decisions, decisions…

Heck, sending a snapchat to someone means they’ll most likely see it. You’re just goofing around and all, but you’ve got this thought in the back of your mind that you’re just looking way too idiotic. You’ve essentially made a fool of yourself. How they’d react, you won’t know until they actually see it. Good luck