Can’t let the opportunity pass.

You know you’re going to look good under the right lighting conditions. You’ve come across one specific moment and aren’t going to pass it up. You just come up with some random message to steer things in a different direction. Admit it, though… You’re pleased with how you look at the moment.

Sure, we’ll believe it.

When people take photos these days, they don’t just do it in a snap of a finger. Everything has to be planned out properly. Yes, even a simple pose like this was carefully thought out. Don’t deny it, you know you do the same thing.

Good save.

Why would you ever want to get a message in the way of your beauty? You should be reveling in the way you look no matter what… That is, until you realized that you’ve got a pimple on your nose. Surely, you don’t want to turn off the person you sent that snap to


It may seem like nothing extraordinary, right? That is, until the person who sent you this is insinuating that there may be some sexual tension going between you two. It almost seems as if destiny was waiting to happen, and the both of you are going to get it on. Oh yeah, let the fun times begin.

In the mood to smirk, much?

Usually, a smirk means that you’re only slightly impressed. However, in the case of people who use Snapchat, it actually means that you’re considered a very close friend. The thing is, you just didn’t put them in your best friends list at all. When you use this emoji, there’s some sort of superiority complex going on. You’re just that way better, you egomaniacal person.

Cool specs, bro.

Trying to say you’re pretty cool? Hardly. This emoji usually means that you’re got a mutual friend with one of the folks on your best friends list. That could also mean you’re both sharing a very good friend or that your girl could possibly be flirting with them.