Well, isn’t that appropriate?

Everybody loves dogs. Yet, that isn’t the point of you posting this photo. You’re just out to let everyone know that you are cute. That’s because you’ve got a cute puppy in your arms, which only adds to your adorability.

Decisions, decisions…

Heck, sending a snapchat to someone means they’ll most likely see it. You’re just goofing around and all, but you’ve got this thought in the back of your mind that you’re just looking way too idiotic. You’ve essentially made a fool of yourself. How they’d react, you won’t know until they actually see it. Good luck

Ain’t that the truth?

Yes, we get that you’re enjoying your bubble bath. Yet, you know you snapped a rather provocative photo. It doesn’t reveal anything private at all. However, what’s to stop us from thinking about your in your birthday suit?

So much positivity.

he moment you don’t show your face on a snap, you’re just trying to act all cool about stuff. At least that’s what you’re trying to portray initially. You just won’t admit that you’re pretty nasty looking at the moment. Better to be safe than sorry, though, right?


Pretty much the same thing we see with a lot of snaps. You may be attempting to highlight the art on the floor. That’s all that it is, really, an attempt. You just want to show off those new kicks you bought a few days ago.

Sure got us fooled.

You’re pretending to be out and about in public. We both know that you’ve got some introvert tendencies, though. You just didn’t want us to think you’re acting like an outcast of society. We get it, so feel free to post photos of the outdoors anytime. That’s better than seeing the wall in your room all the time anyway.