Guess your mom’s brain cells also DY’ed, didn’t they?

Yeah, that's how you read the logo.  There is a company called DY... In that thing you call a mind, mom.  Wait, what's that?  I said to turn the laptop upside down?  Oh, HP Laptop, that's what it's called?  Yes, that's what it's called.            

What’s the next best thing? Photocopying, that’s what. Idiot.

Again with the lack of appropriate knowledge on the use of modern tech.  Yes, we understand that you're still exploring stuff around your mobile device.  Yes, we understand that you can't remember all the shortcuts.  Yes, we are totally laughing at your expense right now.  Talk about old school, this surely defines it.

Well, that’s putting it bluntly, kid.

Gotta love parents. For all their knowledge of the harsh realities of this world we're living in, they sure can be somewhat amusing when it comes to modern technology.  Then again, we can just be smart asses about their accidental naivety on all things digital.  Yes, we totally agree with the child here.  We'd be driving several Fords too if we owned Google.

There’s absolutely no way she can fail on this… Unless…

We can only imagine the look on his face if his mom ever moved the icons on the tray by accident.  We just wonder how many photos of himself he can take to get the message across.  That'll be a whole lot of unnecessary storage used up on the computer.  The next thing you know, your mom's going to complain that everything's so slow in working.  Oh well, time to delete some stuff then.       

This person may be really old or truly slow in the head…

You know what deserves moving, though?  Your brain.  It doesn't belong there, that's for sure .  Or has it even moved out of your skull already?  In any case, we feel sorry for your lack of common sense.  It's a GIF, it's not supposed to move on paper.

No kidding, Sherlock.

It's moments like these that just makes you want to do an uninstall on everything.  Yes, that even includes your parents, in all their naivety and total lack of awareness on all things technological.  It's okay, we forgive you for such thoughts.  There's always the Recycle Bin if you really are adamant about it.