This person may be really old or truly slow in the head…

You know what deserves moving, though?  Your brain.  It doesn't belong there, that's for sure .  Or has it even moved out of your skull already?  In any case, we feel sorry for your lack of common sense.  It's a GIF, it's not supposed to move on paper.

No kidding, Sherlock.

It's moments like these that just makes you want to do an uninstall on everything.  Yes, that even includes your parents, in all their naivety and total lack of awareness on all things technological.  It's okay, we forgive you for such thoughts.  There's always the Recycle Bin if you really are adamant about it.

Think about this for a minute then come back to me…

Okay, have you thought about it yet?  Have you made up your mind on the matter?  What in the blue hell do you mean by "turn off or on?"  Where is the logic in such a statement?  Do you even know what logic is?  Has your brained turned off or on too?

You do realize you’ve got Beats on you too, right?

It's bad enough you've got a fake styro headset on, making you look like a complete douche.  You've also got a pair of Beats by Dre headphones around your neck.  Are you we showing off or are we just totally recluse to such a fact?  What's with the extra earphones, man?

Ever heard of a laptop?  A netbook?  No?  We thought so.

We've always heard people say stuff about "taking your work with you wherever you go."  That's why we got laptops, notebooks, netbooks and tablets.  The ordeal you must've gone through bringing your entire desktop with you to a local McDonald's for some simple internet browsing, huh?  Sadly, we don't relate to your struggles.

Uh, yeah, we give up on you.

Like seriously, why would someone even think of putting the phone in the microwave? Maybe this guy is that desperate to have his phone charged. Well, now that's a hard lesson learned. Next time, if you plan to resort to the internet for advice, you have to use your common sense too.