Whoever Said a "Box" Can't Make a Person Happy? (10 Container Van Homes That'll Make You Drool)

Everyone wants an attractive home; there are a lot of reasons why: They had a vision of the perfect house ever since the age of ten, they want to impress friends or parents or it’s just something they need. But investing in a good looking house can break you and the bank, after all creating it from the ground and up may take a long time and is no doubt very, very expensive. There’s also the designing of it after, buying and getting furniture takes a lot of time and money.

But not for these homebodies, they managed to take a container and make it into a beautiful home! Take a look at these people and see if you can get any ideas. (A lot of these are just $2000!)

Let’s start with a basic house, complete with a small lawn and some chairs. Look very comfortable to live in doesn’t it?

You can customize them anyway you want! More of nature kind of person? You can make it environmental friend too!