The Worst Dad Texts of 2014

)  So much for a grand coming-out.

As parents, you have a high degree of responsibility to being role models to your children.  Not only that, but you are also expected to be the breadwinner and the one who makes enough money to provide security for the needs of the entire family.  Fathers are… Whatever, we just wanted to start off with something rather cliché, because there is no amount of preparation available to guard you from what could possibly be the worst responses any child could ever receive from a father.  Admittedly, they are rather funny.

)  Coolest dad ever, maybe?  Not for his child, obviously.

)  We wholeheartedly agree on awkward.


)  Too much information for every son in the world.

)  Oh the horror…

)  Sarcasm does not mean a good role model.